What is a crisis?
It can begin when:
  • Particular things remind you about the abuse such as music, some smells or certain times of the year
  • You begin to speak about the abuse either in counselling or to your partner/ family
  • Crisis can happen whilst dealing with sexual abuse issues from your past
  • You realise what happened to you was sexual abuse
  • You begin to get memories

What happens in a crisis?

  • It can be difficult to imagine not feeling like that or to see light at the end of it
  • You may feel totally disorganised or out of control
  • Unsafe or vulnerable for no apparent reason
  • Unable to cope with day to day activities
  • Unable to concentrate
  • Panicky or numb
What can I do when I feel in crisis?
  • Believe you are not to blame for the abuse
  • Be gentle/kind to yourself
  • Be aware of your feelings
  • Get support
  • Keep safe
  • Stay alive
  • Breath
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